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Founded in October 2009 by the Pateiro da Silva family, PLANTIVET is a company that operates in the wine sector, specializing in the cultivation and multiplication of vine varieties and clones. In its fields of Mother Vineyards in biological production mode, it produces material for vegetative propagation, controlled by the internal technical team and by official entities.
In 2010, it established a partnership with Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo - VCR, the largest and most prestigious winegrowers worldwide. It uses VCR's sophisticated plant multiplication technology and makes plants of high sanitary and morphological quality available to portuguese winegrowers.

We link the earth to the glass. We create the vine, the origin of wine.


Cultivate and multiply vine varieties and clones of high agronomic and oenological interest and collaborate in the preservation of vine diversity through the cultivation and multiplication of ancestral varieties. Supply plants with high sanitary standards, which allow us to increase our customers' competitiveness.


We face agriculture, in particular viticulture and the wine sector, as a force to preserve the environment, strengthen the economy and reverse the trend towards desertification of rural areas.


Resilience, as we continue to believe in the beneficial effect of agriculture on the population, economy, and environment in rural areas.

Dedication, for the daily delivery and for the attention to detail, necessary to obtain excellence.

Honesty, through the transparency of the processes that ensure the quality of products, care for the conservation of the ecosystem and respect for suppliers, employees, and customers.


Environmental, because we are committed to multiplying and conserving as many vine varieties and clones as possible.
Since January 2021, we started converting all production units to biological production mode, and since then we have not used herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
We use regenerative agriculture practices, minimal soil mobilization, maintenance of vegetation cover, promotion of biodiversity and soil microbiology. We consider the soil to be the greatest asset of any ecosystem and we look at the farm in a holistic way, integrating our main crop into a bio-diverse agro-silvo-pastoral system. We use all the analytics at our disposal, whether measuring soil compaction, absorption capacity, aggregates, and soil microbiology, as well as using humidity control probes and a meteorological station, all to support the decision of operations, use resources efficiently and reduce fuel and fertilizer consumption.
To reduce the environmental impact associated with high energy consumption, taking advantage of the privileged location, around 60% of the energy we consume comes from renewable energies, provided by photovoltaic panels installed in all production units.

Social, with the creation of a community for food production at Quinta do Vale that allows to supply some of the main basic foodstuffs throughout the year and that involves all the company's employees.
We intend not only to contribute to healthy and nutritious food at symbolic costs, but also to provide moments of interaction between the families of all employees.



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Source: Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo - VCR

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